Lunch Menu

Les Soupes

Soupe au Pistou 4-
Provencal vegetable soup served with basil sauce

Soupe a l’oignon 6-
gratinee of onion, broth and Gruyree cheese         

Les Salades

Salade Verte 4-
field greens with our vinegrette

Salad Niçoise 12-
grilled tuna, greens, eggs and vegetables

Salade des Betteraves 8-aux Chef
beets, goat cheese, warm bacon, fried egg

Salade aux Steak et Roquefort 12-
grilled steak, greens, vegetables and blue cheese

Les Sandwiches

Croque Madame 9-
grilled ham, cheese, Dijon Mustard,  Béchamel Sauce and Topped with a Fried Egg.

Pain Bagna 9-
tuna with tomato-basil relish, tapenade, eggs and lettuce

Supreme Sandwich 8-
chicken breast with Provencal relish, goat cheese and pommes frites

Green Peppercorn Burger 8-
Absolutely the best burger in town

Rueban 10-
voted best rueban is St. Louis! Thinly sliced corned beef, house made Saur Kraut, Red Rouquefort Dressing, Greyer Cheese on Rye.


Plates Garnis

Saumon Grille 10-
Atlantic salmon with mustard sauce

Poulet du Jour 10-
according to the chef’s whims

Escallop du Porc 10-
pork loin with butcher’s wife sauce

Notre Omelette 9-
today’s omelette

Votre Quiche 9-
with your choice of soup or salad

Steak Frites 14-
New york Strip Steak, with Green peppercorn Sauce and Pomme Frities